Shammick Acoustic programme
Aug 26 Dave Gibb:  A return visit from this superb singer and guitarist – and not before time!  Dave describes himself as a ‘left-handed, balding, middle-aged songwriting folky from Scotland’s highest village’, which sums up many aspects of him, but doesn’t tell you how extraordinarily good he is at what he does.  And it’s not easy to decide what he’s best at.  A wonderful storyteller in song, whether it’s traditional or modern songs from other writers, or his own brilliantly-crafted compositions, from the sublime to the ridiculous (he likes a giggle, he says); a superb guitarist with a style as distinctive as it is effective, whether it be blues, ragtime, fingerstyle or jazz; a warm, earthy voice suited to varied subject matter and mood; and an ability to reach out to his audience with a sense of humour and timing that leaves them both totally absorbed and rolling in the aisles – in many cases at the same time.  If, like one of his audience members, you wish to ‘step out with a renewed sense of well-being and a silly grin’ on your face, what you need is an evening with Dave Gibb.
Sept 9 Open Night: with featured performer Saskia - a young Gloucester-based singer-songwriter, who's making quite a reputation for herself and has her first international tours this year!.
Sept 23

John Kirkpatrick: It’s far too long since the famed John Kirkpatrick has been to Shammick – way back in 2008, no less!  But better late than never, and here he is, as prolific a performer as ever.  An acknowledged and unmistakeable virtuoso on a variety of squeezy instruments, John is a leading interpreter of English folk music and songs, as well as being an exceptional, and frequently hilarious, songwriter.  Amongst the many bands of which he has been a significant member are the Albion Band, The Richard Thompson Band, Steeleye Span, Brass Monkey and Band of Hope, and following the withdrawal of John Tams last year, he has been offered the job of lead singer with Home Service.  As songwriter, composer, choreographer (oh, didn’t I mention that he dances as well?) and musical director, he has contributed to over sixty plays on the radio and in the theatre (including the National Theatre), as well as taking part in the popular TV series ‘Victorian Farm’.  His themed shows and CDs on a wide range of subjects are a delight, from ‘God Speed the Plough’ through ‘Tunes from the Trenches’ to ‘Carolling and Crumpets’ and many more.  An exceptional evening is in store!  Don’t miss it!

Oct 14 Open Night with featured performer Nigel Mazlyn Jones. A welcome return as a featured performer from this Cornwall-based singer-songwriter and guitarist.  Nigel has been a well-known figure on the contemporary British and European folk scene since the mid-‘70s, and has lost none of his passion for the music, the environment and life generally.
Oct 28 James Hickman and Dan Cassidy:  James and Dan form a duo inspired by the traditions of both sides of the pond.  Born in Shropshire, and raised on a diet of folk and bluegrass music through his dad, an avid bluegrass musician, James has been performing in sessions and folk clubs since he was thirteen.  Dan also comes from a musical family, taking up the violin at the age of ten, since when he has absorbed a broad spectrum of musical styles from classical and jazz, to country and rock.  Whilst touring professionally in the UK some years ago, Dan was introduced to the music of Shetland fiddler Aly Bain, sparking an interest in Celtic music, and the UK folk scene in general.  As well as appearing on several recordings of his late sister, Eva Cassidy, Dan got together with James to perform throughout the UK, and more recently they have incorporated new original material into their sets, as well as the traditional music of Britain and America.  With James’ emotive, soaring vocals and driving guitar complemented by Dan’s ingenious and virtuosic fiddling, their performance is bursting with humour, heartbreak and excitement – a dynamic and unforgettable transatlantic journey.
Nov 11 Open Night
Nov 25 Dana and Susan Robinson:  It’s a joy to see this duo back in North Devon after far too long.  With blazing fiddle and banjo tunes, harmony singing and poignant songs and stories, these two take you on their journey across America, and convey the mystery and wonder of the places they visit.  A native of the Pacific Northwest of the US, Dana relocated to New England and discovered a thriving songwriters’ scene and a deep well of traditional mountain music.  Susan’s background was in both classical music and the Scottish fiddle music of her ancestors, and later she studied with many of the great old-time musicians.  Together, they perform an exciting blend of original songs of the American landscape and Appalachian music, presenting the sound and feel of bedrock America.  Add in guitar and mandolin and two rich, intimate voices, and quietly spectacular musicianship, and the result is a beautifully laid-back but enthralling evening with two lovely people.
Dec 9 SPECIAL NIGHT: MISTLETOE AND HOLLY BEARS presented by Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham:  A Christmas special from this popular and entertaining duo, who sing mainly English traditional and traditionally-influenced modern songs.  Sylvia hails originally from South Yorkshire, and Keith from Derbyshire, so both are steeped in the traditions of the whole area. They have wide-ranging repertoires, strong voices and uncannily compatible and complementary styles of delivery, they produce a striking a cappella sound.  Between them, they also play all kinds of concertina – English, Anglo and duet – playing lively dance tunes, as well as accompanying some of their songs.  So one can look forward to a myriad of musical and lyrical offerings ranging from songs, dialect stories, tunes and other delights full of harmony, revelry and ribald humour, and plenty of opportunities for audience participation.  Just the way to wind into the Christmas season.
Dec 17 The 16th annual Midwinter Carols Night:
Dec 23 Open Night: Very nearly Christmas. But if you fancy a night off from the preparations with a song and good company - well, why not join us.